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My cousin Cara is preggers! She is due to burst any moment. My money is on tomorrow- but there is a good chance it's coming today!
It's so exciting - this is the first baby of the "cousins" generation. It's so nice to know there will be a babe to oogle over at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I miss Christmas with kids - everything is much more joyous.
She's decided to wait to find out the sex- and I think that's brilliant. It really is one of life's real surprises. The only downfall is that you'll end up with a lot of generic baby items - greens, yellows, whites. And if you're not blessed with a gorgeous girl with long lush lashes or a brute handsome boy - the poor thing will be subject to gender confusion. How embarrassing. Not to mention themes for your nursery are limited.  Actually - this also applies to the second child. Hand-me-downs can be social suicide for a 2 year old. I know Jimmy (my petit brother) sported my hot pink snow suit until the age of 3. (not to mention all the dresses that I made him wear :D)
Anyway...back to baby...
Cara has decided to have a water birth (graphic link!) - which grosses me out - but she's excited, so that's what counts.  I'll never forget the movie they showed in grade 8 health class. I happened to sit front and center that day. *shudders* Not sure why they had to give us a visual- my imagination is vivid enough. It's really too bad that it isn't this easy.



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Apr. 21st, 2009 02:08 pm (UTC)
i TRIED to watch that video but it was like grade 9 science flashing through my head all over again and i had to close the tab haha. thats cool that your cousin is doing that but i dont think i would. and what kinda man gets in to a pool with a woman deliveraing a baby, soon to be covered in placenta water!? wtf

i would never want to know my child's gender before it comes out either, but not for the same reasons as you. i (brace yourself) don't believe in gender pigeon-holing that early and while -SOME- pink is cute and all, i dont want a frilly cupcake baby. and if my child should happen to be a girl i want to be able to put montreal canadiens decals all over her wall anyway.

my baby will wear whatever colour it wants! no limits.
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