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He's here!

Sooo..not everything goes to plan.

Today at 2:30pm, Michael Issac John Drew was brought into this world. At a whopping 9 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches long, he finally arrived.
He's only 14 days late.

I can't wait to meet him!  Unfortunately, Cara didn't get to follow her birth plan as he was a stubborn little guy and wouldn't come down the chute, so he was delivered via C-section.

Yay for baby!



Beware of me today.

I am in quite a mood - and I may just eat your alive if you call me on it.


Soo....I am not normally one to succumb to catchy commercials.  I didn't jump on the Feist wagon, and still don't think she's all that great (although I'll admit her apple commercial was refreshing). However, I have made an exception as of late. The new dell comercial has a very catchy tune by Stereo Total. So much so that I've aquired a few of their songs. I'm a tad embrrassed that I hadn't heard of them before ..dell, but am getting over that fact as I fall passionately in love with them. They're a Berlin-based French-German duo (if you didn't already know).  So check them out!!

I am in love with this song. Both German and French versions!!!


My cousin Cara is preggers! She is due to burst any moment. My money is on tomorrow- but there is a good chance it's coming today!
It's so exciting - this is the first baby of the "cousins" generation. It's so nice to know there will be a babe to oogle over at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I miss Christmas with kids - everything is much more joyous.
She's decided to wait to find out the sex- and I think that's brilliant. It really is one of life's real surprises. The only downfall is that you'll end up with a lot of generic baby items - greens, yellows, whites. And if you're not blessed with a gorgeous girl with long lush lashes or a brute handsome boy - the poor thing will be subject to gender confusion. How embarrassing. Not to mention themes for your nursery are limited.  Actually - this also applies to the second child. Hand-me-downs can be social suicide for a 2 year old. I know Jimmy (my petit brother) sported my hot pink snow suit until the age of 3. (not to mention all the dresses that I made him wear :D)
Anyway...back to baby...
Cara has decided to have a water birth (graphic link!) - which grosses me out - but she's excited, so that's what counts.  I'll never forget the movie they showed in grade 8 health class. I happened to sit front and center that day. *shudders* Not sure why they had to give us a visual- my imagination is vivid enough. It's really too bad that it isn't this easy.



This is why I love my job.


Apr. 15th, 2009

 Easter has come and gone. Also gone are the days when I didn't have to contribute to dinner. Getting older has it's down side. For sure.
I am now officially on the mass e-mail list of things to bring. Usually - I try and dibs the buns before my cousins can - but this year - no such luck.
Instead, I didn't even get to choose! (not that I mind at all, just makes for a better story).
My cousin Cara's birthday happen to fall on Easter Sunday, so dessert was to be a cake! Baked and prepped by your truly (with decoration input by Dee and mom).

Long story short, I successfully made my own rolled fondant. And it actually tasted good. I am not trying to brag (well..maybe a little), but I am so amazed that it actually worked out. I filled it with blueberry cream.

Behold- in all it's glory- my contribution to Easter 2009.



Today I am having one of those days.
I wish everyone around me would sprout telephone cords. Painfully sprout them.

Lately, everything I touch seems to go wrong. Everything.
You know that sinking feeling that washes over you as you realise you've made a huge mistake? Some times that feeling can make you want to vomit, other times pull out your hair..you know the one.
well- I am living in that feeling. I think my muscles are going to turn to dust from the sheer force of stress that has been put upon them. Not so much fun. At all.

I just feel like barfing on life and then hiding under my bed. So if you're looking for me...


pee cos oh


Last night, Mr. Picasso head and I compiled our talents and made the above.
I had way too much fun.

You too can create your own Picasso.


To Do

I've started compiling a list of things I want to do this summer. A lot of them include getting ready for Thailand, saving money and seeing my friends...but I have a few special ones that I hope to accomplish.

I always find that I make so many plans that I end up doing nothing.  I promise different things to different people, but no one follows up to see it through.  Most of the time, it's a blessing as I would have to cancel anyway.  I've decided, however, this summer I am going to do everything I set out.  
Here is a list of 21 things to do after I turn 21 (June 29th!)

1. Rollerblade at least once a week with Dominik in sunnyside.
2. Have a girls weekend with Dee at a Bed and Breakfast near a lake
3. Visit my cousin Jodi and her 2 boys in Ottawa
4. Go camping for a weekend out in the wilderness
5. Have at least one more trip with my brother before he ships off for Katimavik
6. Get a tan
7. Swim at least once a week
8. Be outside and walking around for at least a 20 mins per day
9. Have a yard sale
10. Go to Cobourg beach
11. Read 3 new novels (that aren't just garbage in writing)
12. Go strawberry picking and make strawberry jam
13. Go to the driving range with my dad
14. Paint outside in the sun
15. Have multiple BBQ's
16. Eat the mulberries from my Bop's mulberry tree
17. Get up to the cottage at least twice
18. Watch fireworks on Canada Day
19. Play tennis
20. Have really good ice cream cones
21. Lay in the sun and drink on Dee's roof.

I love summer.